Comprehensive training for the creative ear.

4,532 unique tracks. . .

Over 21 hours. . . It’s now free.  Go to my Google Drive for download by clicking on the image above or paste this in your browser:

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photoThe audio files in the download version of the course, above, are excellent-sounding mp3’s.  I use them in that format myself and recommend it as it can be an easier data load for some players and software to handle.  If you’ve got to have “lossless” audio files or don’t want to deal with downloading, you can buy the courses in m4a audio format on 2 DVDs.  There’s no video on the DVDs; it’s purely being used as an easy means of distribution:  You simply drag and drop the audio files into iTunes. To order the DVD versions, email me at with your order.

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24-note Mel (also available free in the public Google Drive folder linked above)

24-note Mel is the most compact and effective pure ear training that you can practice just about anytime and anywhere. 24 very short mp3 tracks. Play them in whatever order you wish. Or just shuffle them. Or play only certain notes to focus on this scale, that harmony, whatever. Very similar in concept to The Dictionaries but much shorter tracks, in each one a note is played on the piano above a continuous bass drone. It’s then named, a brief moment after it sounds, giving you a chance to identify it or get to know it better relative to not only the bass but also the previous note. Every note in Western harmony across two octaves is included. 12 names are sufficient to name every one. The names used here are in common use (e.g. “flat 2”, “sharp 4”, etc.). But, if some of these terms already sound unfamiliar, don’t worry. Theory and words are a weak substitute for sound: Just start listening. It will benefit your mind’s ear tremendously.